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The main advantage for our customers is our ability to understand and resolve problems at all stages of the project, from prototype engineering to the mass production of advanced ceramic components.

About Us

Xiamen Fine Ceramics Technology Co.,Ltd (XMCERA) is well known as a specialist manufacturer of custom-machined precision parts made from high-performance materials such as advanced technical ceramics, refractory metals and alloys, with no minimum order quantity (Rapid Prototyping) and manufacturing production.

  • Development and application of SiC ceramics(二)

    In recent years, with the continuous improvement of SiC ceramic manufacturing technology, its performance has been continuously improved, and its application range has become wider and wider. At present, SiC ceramics have been widely used in industrial fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, microelectronics, automobiles, aerospace, steel, paper, laser, nuclear energy and processing, and increasingly show the incomparable advantages of other structural ceramics.

  • Development and application of silicon carbide ceramics(一)

    The difference between silicon carbide ceramics and many ceramics is that it can conduct electricity at room temperature and is resistant to high temperatures.

  • Wire Wound Resistors

    ​The wirewound resistors are formed by twisting the resistance wire around the insulating frame. Resistance wire is generally made with a certain resistivity of nickel chromium, manganese and other alloys made of copper.