Rapid Prototyping

Prototypes within just 2 weeks! 

Rapid Prototyping using single-stage manufacturing at XMCERA.


· Max. 2 weeks delivery time 

· Reliable transmission of data in CAD/CAM machining also for 3D and freegeometries

· Precision machining using CNC milling machines 

· Prototype and serial with the same material properties 

· Components with engineering tolerances, ready for installation

Ceramic materials used as technical ceramics or advanced ceramics in technical applications must satisfy extremely high demands in terms of their properties. The property spectrum ranges from wear and heat resistance, temperature and corrosion resistance all the way to biocompatibility and food compatibility.

· Aluminum Oxide(Al2O3): A-99.7, Sapphire, Ruby;

· Aluminum Nitride(AlN)

· Machinable Glass Ceramic(Macor)

· Silicon Nitride(Si3N4)

· Silicon Carbide(SiC)

· Tungsten Carbide(WC)

· Yittria(Y2O3)

· Zirconium Oxide(ZrO2)

· Zirconia Toughned Alumina(ZTA)

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum offers a cost effective option for a wide range of industries and applications, including medical, robotics, aerospace, and automotive.

  • · Aluminum 6061

  • · Aluminum 7075

Stainless Steel

The chromium in stainless steel forms an invisible layer that protects stainless steel parts from water and air. If the surface is scratched, this outer layer rebuilds itself, making stainless steel rust-proof.

· 304

· 316

· 316L

· 416


Steel is one of the most popular machined materials around. Steel parts are often used for automotive, electronics, defense, transportation, medical, aerospace, and security purposes.

· 1040

· 1045

· 12L14

· 4130

· 4140


Industrial grade plastics offer the greatest flexibility in terms of colors and finishes for parts. Due to its relative softness compared to metal, plastic may not offer as tight of tolerances as metal





· NYLON 66






Copper, Brass, and Bronze

Copper alloys, which include brass and bronze, can serve a variety of specific manufacturing due to their conductivity and resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

· 101 COPPER

· 110 COPPER

· 360 BRASS

· 464 BRASS

· 936 BRONZE


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