• Alumina ceramic rod

    Alumina(Al2O3) ceramics for cores for metal- oxide, carbon-film, metallayered, thin-film and wire-wound resistors.

  • Main properties of machinable ceramics

    Glass-ceramic, also known as machinable ceramics, is a composite polycrystalline material composed of synthetic fluorphlogopite microcrystals and glass phase. Due to the better cleavage of fluorphlogopite, it has good mechanical processability. It can carry out various processing such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, cutting, tapping, etc., and achieve high precision without heat treatment. The material has excellent insulation properties, no porosity, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, and no gas outgassing characteristics.

  • Application principle of porous ceramics in pollution control

    Porous ceramic filter material is chemically stable, select appropriate materials and processes, can be made into acid-resistant, alkali-resistant porous products, and will not chemically react with other substances, thereby causing secondary pollution;

  • What is Machinable Glass Ceramics ?

    MGC Machinable Glass Ceramics are two-phase materials constituted by nanocrystals embedded in a glass matrix, and the volume fractions of crystalline and amorphous phases govern their properties.

  • Aluminum nitride ceramic material application

    At present, the packaging substrate materials mainly use alumina ceramic or polymer materials, but with the miniaturization of electronic products, integrated circuits (IC) and electronic systems in the semiconductor industry are also developing towards high integration density and high functionality. Therefore, nowadays, the requirements for the carrier substrate of electronic parts are becoming more and more stringent. Among them, high thermal conductivity has become a breakthrough in the high integration and miniaturization of circuits, and alumina ceramic substrates are increasingly difficult to meet the development requirements. As AlN has good physical and chemical properties, it has gradually become the primary choice of packaging materials.

  • Development and application of SiC ceramics(二)

    In recent years, with the continuous improvement of SiC ceramic manufacturing technology, its performance has been continuously improved, and its application range has become wider and wider. At present, SiC ceramics have been widely used in industrial fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, microelectronics, automobiles, aerospace, steel, paper, laser, nuclear energy and processing, and increasingly show the incomparable advantages of other structural ceramics.

  • Development and application of silicon carbide ceramics(一)

    The difference between silicon carbide ceramics and many ceramics is that it can conduct electricity at room temperature and is resistant to high temperatures.

  • Wire Wound Resistors

    ​The wirewound resistors are formed by twisting the resistance wire around the insulating frame. Resistance wire is generally made with a certain resistivity of nickel chromium, manganese and other alloys made of copper.

  • Ideal alternative to metal pumps --- ceramic plungers

    The ceramic plunger is made of modern engineering zirconia or alumina ceramic material, which has super-hard wear resistance and can be assembled and formed by ceramic metallization bonding, welding, inlay and sleeve technology. It is an ideal substitute for similar metal pumps and has been widely used in medical equipment, environmental engineering, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

  • The application of ceramic circuit boards promotes the intelligentization of sensors

    At present, sensors are developing rapidly in the direction of miniaturization, multifunction, intelligence, systemization and networking. For example, automotive sensors will also be applied to ceramic circuit boards with the promotion of intelligence. Therefore, ceramic circuit board processing has become an important aspect of the development of many pcb circuit board manufacturers.

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