Characteristics and application of zirconia ceramic rod


Zirconia ceramic rods are made by isostatic pressing process. Under high temperature and high speed, a uniform, dense and smooth surface ceramic layer and transition layer will be formed. Because the manufacturing process is advanced and the cost is higher, it is suitable for the use of precision ceramic parts, and its wear resistance is stronger than other ceramic rods. It is generally used as a component with high wear resistance.

zirconia ceramic rod

The one-piece wear-resistant zirconia ceramic rod is made by firing the ceramic rod as a whole and then pouring it inside the steel sleeve with a special filler to assemble it. The ceramic rod has a smooth inner wall, good sealing performance, high strength, high fracture toughness, high hardness and high density, stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. However, this kind of product has a long production cycle and high cost. 

wear-resistant ceramic rod

Because the zirconia ceramic rod has the above various excellent properties, it can be widely used in ultrafine grinding equipment, fine chemical industry, electronic slurry, semiconductor, new energy, nano new materials, medical equipment, precision casting, structural ceramics, refractory materials, Electronic communications, sensitive ceramics, petrochemicals, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, optical fiber connectors, battery materials and other high-precision fields. It is an ideal wear-resistant ceramic rod.

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