Common applications of silicon carbide ceramics


Silicon carbide (SiC) ceramics have excellent characteristics such as strong oxidation resistance, high hardness, high thermal stability, high temperature strength, small thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical machinery, aerospace, microelectronics, automobiles, steel and other fields, and gradually shows advantages that other special ceramics cannot match.


Common applications of silicon carbide ceramics:


1. High temperature resistance components

Because of its high hardness, wear resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, silicon carbide ceramics are used in the mechanical and chemical industries to manufacture a new generation of mechanical seal materials, such as sliding bearings, corrosion-resistant tubes, valves and fan blades . Especially as a mechanical seal material, it has been internationally recognized as the fourth-generation basic material since metal, alumina, and cemented carbide. Its acid resistance and alkali resistance are extremely excellent compared with other materials, and almost no materials can be compared with it.

silicon carbide ceramics 

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Utilizing the high thermal conductivity of silicon carbide ceramics, it can be used in high-temperature heat exchangers in metallurgical industry kilns, etc., the use temperature can reach 1300 ℃; the use of electroplating method to apply silicon carbide fine powder on the turbine impeller can greatly improve the impeller wear resistance, extend its maintenance cycle. Idler rollers made of silicon carbide have been successfully used in rolling mills. They have better heat resistance and wear resistance than metal rollers, and can improve the quality of rolled steel. Sand pumps and hydrocyclones made of silicon carbide have good wear resistance; cylinder liners and other wear-resistant parts made of silicon carbide can be widely used in petroleum and chemical industries. Silicon carbide can also be used as a high-temperature thermomechanical material, and is preferred as a thermomechanical high-temperature resistant component. Such as: high temperature gas turbine combustion chamber, turbine vane, high temperature nozzle, etc. The piston and cylinder liner made of silicon carbide are used on the diesel engine without lubricating oil and cooling, which can reduce the friction by 30% ~ 50% and reduce the noise significantly.

common applications of SiC

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2.Military field

Combustion chambers and nozzles composed of silicon carbide ceramics and other materials have been used in rocket technology. Silicon carbide has a medium density, 20% lighter than Al2O3, and has higher hardness and modulus of elasticity. It can also be used in armored vehicles and aircraft belly and bulletproof and stab-resistant clothing. 


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3.Electrical and Electrician

Utilizing the high thermal conductivity and good insulation properties of silicon carbide ceramics as the substrate and packaging material of large-scale integrated circuits. Silicon carbide heating element is a commonly used heating element. Because it has the advantages of simple and convenient operation, long service life, wide range of use, etc., it has become the most durable and inexpensive among the heating materials, and the use temperature can reach 1600 ℃ . In addition, silicon carbide can also be used as the valve body of the lightning arrester and far-infrared generator.



The refractory black silicon carbide is usually divided into 3 types:

A. High-grade refractory black silicon carbide (silicon carbide content ≥98%). It is mainly used to manufacture high-grade silicon carbide products, such as recrystallized silicon carbide products, gas turbine components, nozzles, silicon nitride combined silicon carbide products, and lining materials for blast furnace high temperature areas products, high temperature kiln components, high temperature kiln support kiln support, refractory saggers,etc.

B. Secondary refractory black silicon carbide (silicon carbide content ≥90%). It is mainly used to manufacture kiln components resistant to medium high temperature, such as muffle lining materials. In addition to the heat resistance and thermal conductivity of silicon carbide, these components also use its chemical stability in many occasions.

C. Low-grade refractory black silicon carbide (silicon carbide content ≥83%), mainly used for lining of iron outlet, ladle, zinc smelting industry and sponge iron manufacturing industry.


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