Machinable glass ceramic property and application


Machinable glass ceramic introduction


We do a new type of high temperature resistant insulating material(machinable glass ceramic ) and is mainly made of machinable glass ceramic material such as SiO2-B2O3-Al2O3-MgOK2O.


This machinable material can be used for various mechanical processing (except punching) and can process various insulating parts with complex shapes, high dimensional accuracy, and stable and lasting shapes.


It not only overcomes the difficulties of precision machining of alumina ceramics, which requires pre-molding and insufficient production period, but also overcomes the problems of poor rigidity, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, deformation and ageing of organic insulation. Although it is not as good as high temperature resistance and electrical properties of BN ceramic, but higher in mechanical strength and vacuum performance than BN ceramic,so this material is not only a general high temperature resistant inorganic insulating material.


Production process

machinable glass ceramic

Main property


  • Mechanical properties and easy machinable

 heat resistance

Although machinable glass ceramic  is brittle ceramic material, but it has very good toughness with very good machanical strength and suitable hardness , so it can cut by high-speed steel cutting tools and carbide cutting tools.



Machinable glass ceramics is also a high temperature resistant material, although its heat resistance is not as good as boron nitride and aluminum oxide, but the use temperature is also quite high. It can be used for a long time at 800°C and can be used for a short period of time. And around 1000℃.It also has low temperature property,can be surly used in under Zero temperature and when it reach 22 0 K , thermal Conductivity is1.71 w/m.k(20℃).


  • Machinable glass ceramic dielectric properties


Machinable glass ceramic are completely non-magnetic dielectric material.Its breakdown strength and resistivity are high, and the dielectric loss ratio is low. The volume resistivity of the material decreases with increasing temperature.


Dielectric performance

Main property

Temperature with volume resistivity

machinable glass ceramic

The water absorption rate of the machinable glass ceramic material is 0.04% and has a certain degree of moisture absorption. In a humid environment, the resistivity decreases somewhat. Creepage phenomenon sometimes occurs, when used under high voltage, necessary baking is required, usually

at 30 bake for 4~6 hours at ℃~500℃.


  • Corrosion resistance


Machinable glass ceramic has very excellent chemical stable property and it is not easy attacked by acid also would not attacked by dissolve or contaminate various organic solvents.  It can withstand a variety of strong doses of radiation for a long time. Of course, under heating, certain acids and alkalis will also erode the material, especially H F solution.



  • Vaccum performance and seal welding performance


its outgassing rate is very small, helium gas transmission rate is also very low, can be used as high vacuum conditions (1 0 1 "1 1 Vacuum insulation material under 0 "` "wool). In the outgassing conditions are baking at 180°C, holding at 1°C for 1 hour, and then vacuuming for 8 hours) and can be sealed with glass solder, and can also be welded by metallization. The sealing effect is good, after 50 0 After three thermal shocks at to room temperature, the sealing performance is still not damaged.


Main application


  • Insulation in the vacuum system of the electron beam exposure machine

heat resistance

  • It can be various insulating brackets or coil bobbins for makingprecision instruments, such

    as the coil frame of the force gauge of various types of flexible gyroscopes, the pole bases in the analysis chamber    of the quadrupole mass spectrometer, and the insulation in the ion s    ource in the time-of-flight mass spectrometer Film and coaxial electro    n gun insulating sleeve of Auger spectrometer.

Main property

  • It is can be used in all kinds ion source in the time-of-flight mass spectrometer Insulation sheet and coaxial electron gun insulation sleeve of Auger spectrometer.

  machinable glass ceramic


  • Thermal insulation parts in plasma thick connection device and magnetic rotary connection device, various kinds of insulation in ion coating machine.


  • In the aviation and weapon system, it is used to make high-speed insulation parts.


    heat resistance


  • The coil skeleton of the position sensor on the differential transformer of the high temperature creep test machine.

      Main property


  • The substrate material used as a thin film resistance thermometer should be used in the heat transfer test of shock wave wind tunnel

     machinable glass ceramic


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