What is the difference between silicon nitride positioning pins and ordinary positioning pins?


Silicon nitride positioning pins are similar to common welding positioning pins, but the difference is that they are made of super-hard silicon nitride ceramic material. The special physical and chemical properties of silicon nitride ceramic materials determine some special properties of silicon nitride positioning pins. For example, high wear resistance, high hardness, non-conductive, non-magnetic, non-sticky welding slag and other excellent properties.

Silicon nitride positioning pins

The difference between silicon nitride positioning pins and positioning pins of other materials:

1. High hardness: The hardness of silicon nitride is second only to diamond, reaching 15Gpa 

2. High wear resistance: high hardness and good red hardness determine the excellent wear resistance of silicon nitride positioning pins.

3. High cost performance: The service life of silicon nitride positioning pins is ten times that of ordinary positioning pins.

Judging from the situation we currently use, silicon nitride positioning pins are much better than ordinary positioning pins. But there is a shortcoming, the material is a little bit brittle, if it is used normally, the problem is not big, just pay more attention.


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