Wire Wound Resistors


Wire Wound Resistors

The wirewound resistors are formed by twisting the resistance wire around the insulating frame. Resistance wire is generally made with a certain resistivity of nickel chromium, manganese and other alloys made of copper. 

wirewound resistors

Insulation skeleton is made of ceramic, plastic, coated with insulating metal and other materials made of tubular, flat and other shapes. Resistance wire in the skeleton as needed can be wound a layer, but also around the multi-layer, or the use of non-sense and so on. This resistance is fixed and variable. It is characterized by stable work, good heat resistance, small error range,but the price is not expensive, and more for medical equipment,Lift;Autos etc system. the rated power is generally more than 1 watt. Wirewound resistors are accurate, and theoretically, unless the charger output voltage is used, the general charger does not use wirewound resistors. Charger circuit for the SMPS switching power supply circuit, high voltage side of the signal generation circuit requirements are high, it is impossible to use wirewound resistors, otherwise it will lead to self-excited, and affect the oscillation frequency, so that the output fluctuations, only low voltage side of the sampling The reference circuit may use wirewound resistors.

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