What is the porous ceramic?


What is the porous ceramic


Porous ceramic is a kind of  ceramic material that is fired at high temperature and has a large number of pore structures in the body that communicate with each other and also communicate with the surface of the material.

 porous ceramic

There are many types of porous ceramics, and almost all the ceramics currently developed and produced can be made into porous bodies through appropriate processes.According to the pore-forming method and void structure, porous ceramics can be divided into granular ceramicsfoam ceramichoneycomb ceramics.


Porous ceramic

Granular ceramics

Foam ceramic


Honeycomb ceramics







According to the pore size, ceramics can be divided into coarse-pore products from 1000um to tens of microns, micro-pore products from 0.2-20um and ultra-micropore products from 0.2um to several nanometers.

 Application of porous ceramics

                                          (Microstructure of porous ceramics)



Characteristics of porous ceramic materials

1. Good chemical stability

2. Has good mechanical strength and rigidity

3. Good heat resistance

4. With high openings and interconnected air holes

5. High geometric surface area to volume ratio

6. The pores are distributed evenly, and the pore size can be controlled



Application of porous ceramics:


 Characteristics of porous ceramic

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